How to Re-Schedule a Game or Practice

Note: If the below flow does not work please or if you cannot find a viable time email   for assistance. Please include all relevant information (i.e. league, teams, game/practice, field, time).


STEP 1: Login to your account.

STEP 2: Navigate to Team Info > Choose a Team > [LEAGUE] > [DIVISION] > Make Up Dates.


You will be brought to the Make Up Date team page (one per league).

Note: Currently Make Up Dates are available for Baseball and Softball Divisions only with the exception of Pony. To re-schedule Travel please skip to STEP Z.

STEP 3: Navigate to Team Info > Schedule


You will see all available dates that can be reserved for your respective league. THESE SHOULD BE USED FOR GAMES ONLY.


STEP 4: To take a reservation, click on the orange edit button.

You will be brought to the form below.

STEP 5: Edit the form. First, change Category to Game by selecting from the dropdown.


Next, select Teams in the dropdowns (must select two). Gray highlight indicates team is already scheduled for that time and cannot be selected.

Update the Event Note. (Example: Twins/Cardinals make-up game from 4/28 - Jim Nelson)

Make sure the three boxes below are checkes. Click Submit.

You are done! Please verify that your newly scheduled game appears on your team schedule as expected. If you have any issues, please email .


Viewing Open Slots Across Fields


STEP 1: Navigate to Team Info > CHOOSE A TEAM > Open > Make Up Dates



This will bring you to the Make Up Dates for OPEN slots (one per season). These may be used for Practices or Games. To reserve a slot, click on the orange edit button and follow the same procedures as STEP 5 above. If you are scheduling a practice, change RESERVED to Practice, only one team is required and do not check the box for notify officials.