WBYB League History



The Wheaton Briarcliffe Youth Baseball and Softball League will be celebrating its 50th season in 2021.


The League was found in 1972, when organizers Ted Marshitz, Joe Morano, John Augustyn, Bill Slight, Ray Christiansen, and Phil Arcana established the new league as an outlet for “neighborhood” baseball players. Using Briar Patch Park as its home field, in that first season there were 60 players split between two divisions.


In 2000, WBYB was instrumental in keeping Briar Patch a park for the league and all Wheaton residents. At that time, the Glen Ellyn school district 89 owned the park and planned to sell it for development.  Park users, led by WBYB, cried foul citing the land should be kept for public use and not profit. With the help of WBYB fundraising efforts and grants, the park was eventually sold to the Wheaton Park District and continues to be utilized by the league, park district, and its citizens.


Over the past 50 years the league has continued to expand, adding divisions in T-Ball, girls’ softball, and fall baseball.  


League players enjoy trained coaches, as well as annual clinics, All-Star games, and post-season tournaments. Players (and parents) also have opportunities to participate in social activities, such as marching in the Wheaton 4th of July parade, movie nights, and other social outings.


WBYB continues to be a valuable asset to the Wheaton Community and an outlet for all those who enjoy the great games of baseball and softball!