Wheaton Briarcliffe Youth Baseball/Softball Parent and Guardian Ethics, Rules of Conduct and Standards of Leadership

The goal of Wheaton Briarcliffe Youth Baseball/Softball (WBYB) is to provide players with an instructional program and an atmosphere that will help them develop their baseball/softball skills, sportsmanship, team participation, a winning attitude, and most of all having fun. It is the responsibility of each player’s parent or guardian to demonstrate these goals to their players and parents in order to create a positive playing environment in the WBYB.

All Board Members, Managers, Coaches, Umpires, Spectators, Players and their parents and/or guardians shall abide by the WBYB Code of Conduct.

  1. Parents, guardians, managers, coaches, players and spectators shall exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.

  2. ANY words or actions to taunt, intimidate or degrade opposing managers, coaches, players, parents or

    umpires is not allowed.

  3. Influencing the umpires or openly questioning or complaining about the umpire's call will not be tolerated.

    Examples would be, but not limited to, yelling "safe" or "out" before the umpire makes a call or yelling

    "good pitch" before the umpire makes a call.

  4. Arguing with an umpire is NEVER permitted. This includes managers acting as umpires at the 7 Year-Old

    Coach-Pitch levels.

  5. Managers, coaches, players, and spectators are not permitted to smoke, chew tobacco or swear within 100

    feet of the field before, during, or after a game or practice. Alcohol is prohibited from all City of Wheaton


  6. The use, dispensation or encouragement of using any substance, legal or illegal, that may enhance or

    further the perception of enhancing a player’s ability is prohibited.

Team managers are held responsible for the conduct of the base coaches, parents, guardians and spectators. One or more of the following actions by the WBYB Board of Commissioners will follow any violation of this code of conduct by a manager, coach, parent or spectator:

First Violation

A parent or guardian will be reminded of the code of conduct and will be issued a warning by the WBYB Board of Commissioners. Managers of competing teams will be informed that a warning has been issued to a parent on a team within their league, the nature of the infraction and the names of the individual(s) involved with the violation.

Second Violation
A parent or guardian who has repeated an infraction that previously caused a warning by the WBYB Board of Commissioners will be suspended of participating and/or attending all WBYB games until a meeting of said Board can be convened to review the matter and issue a determination.

Determinations may included any combination of the following:
1. Removal of that parent or guardian’s position or responsibility within the team for the remainder

of current season.

  1. Team forfeiture of the game where the infraction occurred.

  2. Team forfeiture of playoff berth.

  3. Suspension of involvement on any WBYB team for one season following the year of infraction.

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As a parent or guardian of a WBYB player or players, I acknowledge that I have read and understood this code of conduct and commit to uphold the goals and obligations as stated. These rules extend to all teams participating in WBYB sponsored tournament and travel teams.